Did you know… bisexual pride flag

Did you know that the bisexual pride flag  was first unveiled on 5 December 1998?

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The flag was designed by Michael Page, a volunteer with BiNet USA, who intended it to give visible to the bisexual contingent at pride parades. The flag’s pink, purple and blue stripes were inspired by the “bi-angle” logo designed for BiNet by Liz Nania.

image credit: Wikipedia


Why does bisexuals’ visibility matter? A lack of visibility both inside and outside the LGBTQ+ community seems to lead to poorer mental health outcomes for bifolk. There is good article at re:searching LGBTQ Health that unpacks the forms that a lack of visibility can take for a bisexual person: from having your sexual orientation invalidated (being labelled as “actually” gay or straight, or “confused,”) to experiencing discrimination, harrassment, and marginalization both inside and outside the LGBTQ+ community.)



2 thoughts on “Did you know… bisexual pride flag

  1. EJ Reply

    Thank you for this. I still struggle with feelings of somehow being viewed as “inauthentic,” even though I know, logically and totally, that this is who I am.

    • PFLAGHW Post authorReply

      🙂 I suspect you’re not alone in that… “inauthentic,” “undecided…” It’s unfair, and harmful. You *are* you, and, you are awesome! /kt

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